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Moving the blog, again

February 01, 2022 — Asher Wycoff

Quick one here! I'm once again moving the blog, this time from its separate home on Neocities to a /blog directory on my primary website. There's no particular reason for this besides cost saving: linking a domain name to Neocities costs money, and the .blog domain I got for a steep discount last April was set to renew for considerably more than I paid for it the first time. (Incidentally, if anybody wants to grab wycoff.blog and redirect it to the Pitchfork review of Shine On or something, it will become available in a couple months.)

I've been playing around with projects like Neocities and the tildeverse for a little while now. I really enjoy them and will continue to play around with them and donate to them sporadically, but I don't have compelling uses for them. They're playgrounds for hobbyists nostalgic for a time when the Internet was more than three websites (myself obviously included), and to put them to even a business-casual, quasi-professional use feels almost disrespectful. That's not what they're for! They're for recapturing your adolescence, assuming you suffered through it between 1994 and 2009.

This blog is, granted, still a hobby—as is my personal website, really. I'm making the move before the domain expires mostly because I just finished a chapter draft, and I wanted a small project for the lull before my next burst of frenzied writing. I'd been thinking about moving the blog for a little while, so why not now? Aside from the new URL, very little will change. I've made some minor layout changes so it will blend better into the general website, but the blog will remain as clunkily written and inconsistently updated as it ever was.